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The weather was of course characteristically atrocious, which meant that the two support bands were delayed on account of the fact that they had to sail to Camden. We were lucky – as we were coming from North London it was a downhill journey, so the tide carried us quite comfortably.


Last weekend we went against every piece of advice that the weather reports had to offer and traveled North. Luckily the rain stayed off…UNTIL WE STARTED SHOOTING, but that didn’t dampen our spirits (another perfect pun brought to you by Salad Daze Films).

We were listening to some moron on XFM this morning asking who the best villain was out of The Joker and Darth Vader. Clearly the correct answer is Darth Vader, yet somehow this imbecile awarded the title to The Joker, prompted by some Generic Idiot Who Phones Morning Radio Stations, who won himself some tasteless […]

I recently stumbled upon a record shop in Camden, within which I stumbled further still into a shelf proudly hosting a CD by someone called The Casual Terrorist. Since I’m one to judge all things by the cover of the paperback I happen to be reading at the time I decided to buy it. (The paperback in question was Charles Bukowski’s Ham on Rye – well worth photocopying the cover of to hang in place of your bathroom mirror. Black and white is fine but colour preferable).

Website is live – we did consider leaving the sample videos of Ian Rush talking about youth level football, but in the end decided that videos of Scrabble-playing clowns and spaghetti fetishes were far more appropriate.