Crucifixes in hand, we set sail…


Tess from got in contact with us over the weekend. She was going to be photographing Fearless Vampire Killers at the launch party for their debut single ‘I Am Gonna Leave You’ and asked if we could come along to film it… which we did.

The weather was of course characteristically atrocious, which meant that the two support bands were delayed on account of the fact that they had to sail to Camden. We were lucky – as we were coming from North London it was a downhill journey, so the tide carried us quite comfortably. Eventually everyone arrived, wringing themselves off and shaking the clogged water from their ears, as the support bands began to sound-check/play their sets at the same time.

This was the first time we’d seen Fearless Vampire Killers play and they blew us away – the energy they put into their performance was unbelievable. Clearly they were enjoying themselves, which surely is what it’s all supposed to be about, right?

Filming was great fun and frankly we were spoilt for choice when it came to editing it. It really is impossible to make a bad music video when the band are putting on such an energetic show. For your entertainment and critique, here’s the evidence…


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