Showers with a Chance of Anarchist Music Video


Last weekend we went against every piece of advice that the weather reports had to offer and traveled North. Luckily the rain stayed off…UNTIL WE STARTED SHOOTING, but that didn’t dampen our spirits (another perfect pun brought to you by Salad Daze Films). We couldn’t have hoped to have met a more likable, accommodating bunch of people than we did last weekend (thanks for the packed lunch, Fay!), and they really made the video every bit as exciting as we’d hoped.

We wanted the video to reflect the raw, D.I.Y. nature of the music but keep it as fun as possible. The Casual Terrorist invited his friends along to take part, which they must have started to regret come the fourth hour of frosty rainfall, but turn up they did, bringing enough energy along to keep AN ACTUAL PARTY going long after filming had wrapped. Unfortunately, we who must suffer for our art had to hit the A1 and couldn’t stick around, but we had an awful lot of fun during the day to make up for it.

The next day we were up at the crack of 10am to start editing. It was a painless process, and by the end of the day the offline edit was done. The next day we stayed after work at Blue Tuna HQ for the HD online and grade. Massive thank you to Steve at Blue Tuna/Shoot Blue for equipment and post-production facilities.

We’re planning another trip back up North for a premiere/gig night at the Star and Shadow Cinema in Newcastle. For now though, here it is…


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