Casually terrorising the North


First post in a while here, but as nobody knows the blog exists at the moment it shouldn’t affect anyone too seriously. Apologies to those of you true enough to have sat at your computers/laptops/iPhones, tenderly clasping their monitors/track pads/touch sensitive screens as you await this post. My sincerest respect will be delivered to you as soon as the Postal Strike ends.


I recently stumbled upon a record shop in Camden, within which I stumbled further still into a shelf proudly hosting a CD by someone called The Casual Terrorist. Since I’m one to judge all things by the cover of the paperback I happen to be reading at the time I decided to buy it. (The paperback in question was Charles Bukowski’s Ham on Rye – well worth photocopying the cover of to hang in place of your bathroom mirror. Black and white is fine but colour preferable).

THUMBS UP, BOYS! It’s a really bloody good album. It’s called Love, Cigarettes and Anarchism and contains a nutritious mix of punk, anti-folk (whatever on Earth that is) and plenty of social, political and economic justice in the medium of song. I’ll leave further reviews to the professionals and mustardly-keen amateurs, whose opinions can be found on The Casual Terrorist’s Myspace page:

So a few weeks after listening to the CD about a million times (yeah LITERALLY) I decided to write to The Casual Terrorist, aka CJ, which is short, I believe, for Christian James, asking whether he was interested in us making a music video for him. He said “yes” and so in (hopefully) November a small crew of us will travel the life-consuming trip up the A1 to Newcastle to film the video for the track Anarchists make better lovers. (You can listen to it on the myspace link above).

Keep an eye out on this blog (I will be writing more regularly) for updates on the progress of the video.



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