Kicking and Screaming


The world of filmmaking is incredible. Or at least it can be…

The film and television industry is one of huge, unsubstantiated egos. Of backstabbing, underhand deals and general idiocy. It’s frankly sickening. People think this world is glamourous because the people who are part of it pretend that it is.

This is our attempt to dodge that crap. No bullshit, no lies, no faux success. Just us, doing what we love.

We love making music videos, so that’s what we do. We also love it when clubs want us to cover one of their nights. Or when a company wants to try something different, who want a promotional film that’s more than just an inoffensive glance at what they do.

This is Salad Daze Films, kicking and screaming through your television.


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